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Hotels with Live Music

Eleven musical experiences that truly set the tone.

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Patti LaBelle Is Cooking With Gas


Patti LaBelle Is Cooking With Gas

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These days there are few things guests desire more from their travels than an authentic experience. In response, hotels have done everything possible to create a unique sense of place—from offering regional cuisine to showcasing artisanal furniture and artworks to capturing the essence of a locale with a signature scent.

But there may be nothing more powerfully evocative than live music. “Live music provides the energy that is lacking from a building that houses hotel rooms and meeting spaces and restaurants,” says Ian Moro, food and beverage director at The Ritz Carlton, New Orleans, who works with the hotel’s headlining jazz musician Jeremy Davenport. “It’s the extra tantalization of your senses.”

Whether it’s sunset concerts sung in the local language at Malawi’s Kaya Mawa resort, up-and-coming musicians performing at the Santa Monica beach club Casa del Mar or access to one of the most renowned music venues in the world at the W Austin, hotels have found a way to truly shape their atmosphere. Read on for more that hit just the right note.


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