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Andrews McMeel Publishing
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The Food of Oman


Early on in the stages of testing recipes for her cookbook The Food of Oman, Felicia Campbell—a friend and former colleague from SAVEUR Magazine—met me and a few others out at a bar one night toting a Tupperware container full of food. She was working out the kinks in the Zanzibari biryani, a labor-intensive chicken and rice dish, and she wanted us to taste it and give her some feedback. Even eaten cold out of a plastic container, I still remember that bite as one of the best forkfuls of food I’ve ever eaten: Fluffy rice and tender chicken layered with spices and topped with crisp-fried onions, it was both complex and completely approachable. Everything worked together so well that it was impossible to tease out the individual flavors I tasted; the only feedback I could muster was “this is…so good.” That was when I knew that this book, the first English-language cookbook of its kind, was going to have a permanent place on my shelf.

After falling in love with the unique foodways of Oman while on vacation in Muscat, Felicia devoted herself to documenting the favorite recipes of Omani home cooks and restaurants alike. The result is a book full of recipes as enticing as that first forkful of biryani: richly spiced rice dishes infused with cardamom, cloves, and tart black lime; vegetables simmered with coconut milk and chiles; desserts laced with rose water and saffron. From lahm kalia (slow-cooked caramelized beef) to boga la nazi (sweet pumpkin with cardamom and coconut cream), the book is a thoughtful tour through the cuisine of a country that has been, until now, relatively unfamiliar to most of us in the United States. —Laura Sant

The Food of Oman (Andrew McMeel Publishing); $40 at andrewsmcmeel.com.