Dining Agenda: New Restaurants And Food News This February

A global list of new and notable places to eat and drink, plus food news from our favorite chefs and restaurants.

Anthony Tahlier
OF 17

China, Turkey, and U.S.: Stephanie Izard Crafts A Cocktail Coffee Bar

Hoping to capitalize on the cold brew trend, Chicago-based chef Stephanie Izard and bartender Ivy Mix are opening a bar based on cold-brewed coffee-based drinks. The concept, called Brew Parlor, launched at four Wyndham Grand pilot hotels in Chicago, U.S.; Doha, Qatar; Shenzhen, China; and Istanbul, Turkey. Some of their concoctions include a five-spice shaken iced coffee made with Thai chili, cinnamon, clove, star anise, and sweetened condensed milk, and biscotti coffee with almond-whipped cream, simple syrup, star anise, fennel seed, and orange zest. wyndham.com.