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How to Guarantee a Seat at One of the World's Most Elegant Pop-up Picnics

As Le Dîner en Blanc celebrates its 30th anniversary, SofitalHotels and Resorts is offering guests a luxury package deal.


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What started as an impromptu picnic among friends in Paris 30 years ago has turned into an international phenomenon. Foodies around the world vie for tickets to the exclusive event, where hundreds of guests dine at internationally-renowned monuments across the globe.

In celebration of the popup picnic's anniversary, Sofitel Hotels and Resorts has partnered with Le Dîner en Blanc to offer an exclusive package that has everything necessary for a night below the stars. Available in six North American cities—Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.—Sofitel en Blanc includes everything guests will need to dine al fresco, with a couple of extra touches.

Since the event's inception, dinners have popped up in 80 cities around the world with an estimated 10,000 guests per year. Guests have dined at renowned spots like the Château de Versailles, New York's Bryant Park, and the Sydney Opera house, among many others.

What makes the event so unique is that the location of each dinner is kept under wraps until guests are notified between 24 and 48 hours before the event, letting them know exactly where it'll be held. All guests must dress in white—an ode to the first picnic where guests were asked to wear all-white so they could find one another in the crowds—and must bring their own food, drinks, chairs, tables, and dinnerware.

The Sofitel's package makes the experience a whole lot easier as it not only includes tickets, which are usually only available by referral or waitlist, but also a champagne toast, luxury transport to a departure point, a gourmet menu with paired wines, and all necessary accessories: table, chairs, and dinnerware. Tickets for the luxury package are sold in pairs and prices vary from city to city.

For those looking to extend the party, Sofitel is offering an event-exclusive 20 percent off a stay at one of their hotels, plus complimentary breakfast.


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