The Best Craft Chocolates You've Never Heard Of

Look beyond the usual, big-brand suspects and discover a world of artisanal chocolate makers creating excellent hand-crafted confections around the world. 

Courtesy Highland Chocolate
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The Highland Chocolatier, Perthshire, Scotland

Chocolatier Iain Burnett spent more than three years perfecting his signature “naked” truffle—a velvety confection so silky smooth that the ganache needs no shell. He nailed the recipe in 2008, and it involves just two ingredients: fresh cream from a single herd of cows and gourmet-grade couverture chocolate from São Taomé. “Using so few, unblended, ingredients is a mixed blessing,” Burnett says. “We have to constantly adjust the recipe to balance alterations in the weather that affects the herd and every six months with each harvest of the cocoa.” If truffles aren’t your thing, try his crispy, chocolate-covered Florentines or chocolate-dipped fruit. Grandtully PH9 0PL; 44-1887/840-775;