The Best Craft Chocolates You've Never Heard Of

Look beyond the usual, big-brand suspects and discover a world of artisanal chocolate makers creating excellent hand-crafted confections around the world. 

Courtesy To'ak
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Craft chocolate is having a moment. It seems like every Whole Foods and specialty cheese shop has a wall of chocolate bars and confections from producers like Mast Brothers, Vosges, Valrhona, and Dick Taylor; meanwhile Jacques Torres, La Maison du Chocolat, and Francois Payard are spreading the chocolate gospel with their own stores to rival Godiva and Lindt. The surge in popularity continues to inspire independent chocolate makers (who craft chocolate from bean to bar) and chocolatiers (who make chocolate-based confections) around the globe to give it a go—even despite the impending cocoa bean shortage. Whether it’s through innovative flavors or perfectionist dedication to cocoa bean sourcing, these 11 under-the-radar chocolate artisans elevate a sweet treat to an art form.