9 Online Food Stores to Feed Your Hunger for International Travel

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One of the best parts of travel? Eating your way around the world.

Imagine this: Sweet, mouth-tingling Khao Soi in Chiang Mai. Baklava, dewy with syrup, in Cairo. Crackling roast chicken skin in Paris. While we’re all spending more time at home these days, we don’t have to leave these memories behind. We can actually relive them in our own kitchens, thanks to online specialty food stores. These websites import premium ingredients and hard-to-find packaged foods from the countries we love to visit. So pop open a bottle of cava, relax, and start cooking that gambas al ajillo you had last summer in Valencia.


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A go-to supplier for top restaurants like Del Posto and Roberta’s, Gustiamo sells everything that lies between Italian and delicious. Purists obsess over their access to Italy’s favorite brands and producers, such as Maida artichokes, Antichi Uliveti extra virgin olive oil, and Pasta Faella, one of the best dried pasta makers in the world. Food writer and Gourmet's last Editor-in-Chief Ruth Reichl is a professed fan of their pine nuts—eat them in a bright pesto sauce or by the handful.

The Mala Market 

Finding high-quality Sichuan ingredients in the average American supermarket can seem like a near impossible task. Enter The Mala Market: a small company that directly sources premium spices and sauces from Chinese factories and farms. Order black cardamom, Pixian chili bean paste, and Sichuan peppercorns to make the fiery dishes you’re craving, from Dan Dan Noodles to hot pot.

Titan Foods

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Titan Foods has been serving the historic Greek neighborhood of Astoria, Queens for over 30 years. Now their products, including jars of grape leaves and fleshy Nafplio olives, are available to order across the country. Selections from their bakery, like traditional melomakarona honey and nut cookies, shouldn’t be missed either. And good luck choosing from their 12 different types of feta cheese, a selection unparalleled outside of Greece.


Many Mexican dishes—tacos, chilaquiles, enchiladas—are a non-starter without the perfect corn tortilla. For the curious cook with a little extra time on their hands, Masienda sells chef-grade masa harina (masa flour) from Oaxaca, along with the tools you’ll need to press your own fresh tortillas at home. They also stock a variety of kernels that can be used to make a satisfying bowl of pozole or masa harina from scratch (if you’re feeling extra ambitious).

La Tienda 

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Rich slices of jamón serrano, crisp Manzanilla olives, sweet Marcona almonds—what isn’t there to love about Spanish food? La Tienda seeks out the best products from small family producers in Spain—many of which go back generations—and brings them straight to kitchens across North America. Don’t skip their wide selection of chorizo, paella kits, and popular Bonito del Norte canned tuna, which are harvested every summer and hand-packed in olive oil.

H Mart

With locations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, H Mart isn’t exactly a secret—but it’s your best bet for ordering a wide variety of Korean ingredients online. They have everything you’ll need to make classics like bulgogi and bibimbap, along with ready-made dishes such as kimchi. Snacks, including addictive Honey Butter Chips and shrimp crackers, are always crowd favorites.


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Originally an olive oil company, Belazu brings together a feast of authentic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean products. Their antipasti selection is particularly tempting, with semi-dried Turkish tomatoes in oil with oregano, beli preserved lemons, pickled green strawberries, and capers that were handpicked in Morocco. For the main course, check out their grains. The giant Israeli couscous would be perfect with feta and mint in a salad.

The Japanese Pantry

Devoted to finding the best of the best, The Japanese Pantry’s owner visits every individual producer before he decides to sell their ingredients. This means carrying rice vinegar from a vendor who is so fanatical about perfection that they grow their own rice. The Japanese Pantry also carries top soy sauce, sesame paste, seaweed, and other pantry essentials. But if you’re looking for the latest Japanese Kit Kat flavor (and who isn’t?) look to Tokyo Central.

The Spice House

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Still can’t find what you’re looking for? From India to Jamaica, The Spice House gives you access to a plethora of hard-to-find blends, sauces, extracts, and more from around the world. Used by professional chefs, The Spice House grinds their spices in small, weekly batches to assure the freshest product. Try their punchy Thai red curry or warming baharat for a great lamb rub.