10 Outdoor Dining Destinations

Michael Stavaridis

No matter the occasion, the simple act of eating alfresco never seems to lose its luster.

When the weather cooperates, spending time outdoors is unquestionably the right move. We set off for the nearest beach, spend entire weekend afternoons at the farmers’ market, attend open-air concerts and bike everywhere. When it’s nice, we can do anything—and that includes dining alfresco.

There is something endlessly exciting about taking a table outside, particularly if it’s the first of the season. And why not? Views are often compelling—occasionally beautiful—and provide a stellar backdrop for nearly every dining occasion. Sitting outside four walls can make for rousing city- and people-watching, such as at Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerp, which overlooks Graanmarkt Square and a courtyard where guests can take a break from shopping in the adjacent store and relax.

It is also an excellent opportunity to feel in sync with nature. At Hotel Lone’s L Restaurant in Rovinj, Croatia, diners can sit within a perfectly manicured garden that harmoniously blends with nearby Zlatni forest park. It is a wonderfully romantic arrangement that stands in intriguing juxtaposition to the hotel’s high-design aesthetic. And in Miami, chef Laurent Cantineaux’s Juvia features an outdoor area highlighted by a vertical garden developed by renowned botanist Patrick Blanc, who used 200 different plant species. Elsewhere, you’d need to go into the jungle for that level of floral diversity. Here you can do it while eating dessert.