Perfumer Caswell-Massey Creates Scents of Yellowstone National Park With Proceeds to Benefit the National Landmark

Ilana Strauss/Courtesy Caswell-Massey

Old Faithful is even a scent.

Fragrances are meant to transport you through the power of scent. And in the case of the newest perfume release by Caswell-Massey, that place is Yellowstone National Park. The famous beauty brand just launched the Yellowstone Forever Fragrance Collection with five fragrances representing iconic regions of the park. 

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The unique collection was created in partnership with Yellowstone Forever, the park’s official nonprofit partner. Together, over five years, they developed a non-invasive, scent-gathering technique called “Living Florals.” They used sustainably sourced materials to collect scent molecules from rare botanical species without damaging them. From there, IFF perfumers refined the molecules to produce the collection available today.

Ilana Strauss/Courtesy Caswell-Massey

“Not simply an earthy, natural-world influenced fragrance collection, this Yellowstone collection acts as a record of the ecosystems, by way of their scent signatures, uniquely indigenous to our magnificent Yellowstone National Park,” said Nicolas Arauz, President and CEO of Caswell-Massey, in a statement. “I’m most proud of our ability to capture the scent signature of sixteen quintessential Yellowstone plant species using sustainably sourced-materials, without damaging or harming the rare plants.”

Ilana Strauss/Courtesy Caswell-Massey

The result was five fragrances that take you on an olfactory tour of the famed park. There’s Old Faithful with notes of a sagebrush and tree moss along with a smoky scent to evoke the sense of a campfire. Canyon smells like fresh mountain air thanks to the blue lupine, pine, juniper, and cedar. Mammoth is supposed to transport you to springtime with fresh citrus notes. Lake has hints of lavender to remind you of sleeping under the stars. And the more mineral smelling Tower Fall puts you on the trails. 

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“We hope we transport you to this beautiful and rugged part of America, and that you help us support this essential environmental treasure,” Arauz said.

Courtesy Caswell-Massey

Each fragrance is available in a 100ml Fragrance Tonic ($48) and a 30ml aroma-therapeutic Moisturizing Oil ($42). A portion of each sale goes to support education and fundraising for the historic park.