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Fashion Goes Virtual With Parisian Exhibits and Experiences You Can Enjoy From Home

Believe it or not, you could go shopping in Paris without ever leaving your home.


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Our cultural life doesn’t have to end just because we are confined to our homes. In fact, now more than ever, we need to be looking (and supporting) art in all of its forms.

Thankfully, museums and fashion companies are really putting their creative energy to work and coming up with innovative ways to inspire us and virtually present their works of art and inventory.

Case in point? Dior just launched an incredible new virtual boutique that will take you to the company’s physical store in Paris. Or if you are a history buff, we are sure you’ll enjoy the Palace of Versailles’s new exhibition that takes a deep look at the trends and fashions that influenced both men and women at the end of the 18th century. In need of something more modern? As part of its #FLVfromhome initiative, the Louis Vuitton Foundation is showing a new digital exhibition every week.

For more details on these and more amazing fashion events, keep scrolling.

Experience Fashion at Versailles: “For Her” and “For Him”

The Palace of Versailles has teamed up with Google Cultural Institute on two online exhibitions that explore fashion in the age of Marie-Antoinette.

“Versailles fashion still inspires great designers today. It was in the 1780s, during Louis XVI’s reign, that trends in women's and men's fashion began to emerge,” states the introduction of the exhibition.

The men’s exhibition focuses on what the most stylish gentlemen wore at that time and the many dress codes that they had to follow. And of course, there is a special section dedicated to King Louis VI, and his opulent attire.

To see the exhibit, click here

Take a Dive in the Archives of the Yves Saint Laurent Museum Paris

Yves Saint Laurent was one of the most talented and prolific fashion designers of all time and his designs continue to influence many young creatives. The Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Paris is giving people a rare access to the French designer’s archives and, most specifically, his most iconic designs in cinema, theater, and music.

Every look is presented in three parts—the original sketch, the final costume displayed on a mannequin, and a snapshot of when it was worn by the actress. It’s a fascinating look at a lesser-known side of the designer’s career.

To see the exhibit, click here

Take a Tour in Valentino Garavani’s Virtual Museum

Just like Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino Garavani’s name will remain forever in the history books. The designer’s career spans 50 years during which he created some of the most gorgeous and memorable looks that defined fashion for decades. So it’s fitting that Garavani got his own museum, or a virtual one, in 2011 where the permanent collection consists of more than 300 dresses (a real museum would have needed more than a hundred thousand square feet to fit all of them).

Sketches, archival photos, and ad campaigns accompany many of the looks giving viewers a more complete picture of what a creative tour-de-force Garavani was during his active years as a designer.

To visit the museum, click here

Go on a Shopping Spree in Dior’s Champs-Élysées Boutique From the Comfort of Your Sofa

It’s a truly unique experience that elevates online shopping as we all know it. Your starting point is the entrance of the boutique located on Paris’s most famous avenue and from there on, you can navigate through the elegant space thanks to the 360 panoramic view. From fragrances to body lotions and candles, everything is shoppable—to check out, you will be simply redirected to the company’s US site. Trust us, the experience is almost as good as the real thing.

To visit the virtual boutique, click here

Watch a Guided Exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Foundation

To help people cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Louis Vuitton Foundation launched #FLVfromhome, an online initiative as part of which the institution broadcasts on its website three new cultural events every week—a guided exhibition, a concert, and a masterclass.

This week, for example, viewers who tuned in on Wednesday enjoyed a tour of Daniel Buren’s colorful installation “Observatory of Light” that took place at the Foundation’s Frank Gehry building in 2017.

To view this week’s program, click here


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