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$27,000 Gold and Diamond-Studded Ring Features a Miniature Stonehenge

The piece of jewelry is a work of art.


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When it comes to jewelry, there are endless possibilities for creativity. But one British jeweler might have just come up with the most unique design. Theo Fennell just unveiled a new ring in honor of the summer solstice that features not only diamonds and 18-carat gold but also a miniature Stonehenge.

At first glance, the ring appears to be relatively normal (although still statement worthy) with a mostly gold surface featuring silvery images of the moon and stars. On top, there is a blue tourmaline dome, which is meant to look like the sky at dawn, surrounded by a ring of diamonds meant to be stars. But beneath the dome is where the surprise lies. Upon opening it, the miniature replica of Stonehenge appears. Incredibly, it’s built entirely to scale.

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The use of the prehistoric world heritage site was to honor the summer solstice on June 21. For centuries that date has inspired people to come together to pay homage to the longest day of the year. Stonehenge, in particular, was an ancient site thought to be created to celebrate the event.

Fennell has been in the business for over 40 years and is known for creating striking pieces. Many feature real-life objects like garden gates and creatures such as fireflies. He also has a fascination with the cosmos and released an entire collection of celestial-inspired pieces. And he certainly loves creating these hidden works of art within jewelry. He has rings with a pot of gold, gladiators, camels, and Joshua Tree inside.

“The Opening Rings all have something hidden under them: a starfish under the sea or a pot of gold at a rainbow’s end, or something—like Stonehenge—more talismanic,” Fennell said. “I either draw the piece from imagination, like the rainbow, or from life, as this one is; a mistake as it was raining!”

The Stonehenge opening ring retails for £22,000 (about $27,000).


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