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Stephen Webster Is Relaunching the Collection that Defined His Career

The reimagined Crystal Haze collection, CH2, launches online on May 25.


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Twenty-five years ago, London-based Stephen Webster designed a fine jewelry collection, Crystal Haze, using a new technique of layering faceted quartz with a range of colorful gemstones. The collection put the young designer on the map.

It wasn’t until Madonna was spotted wearing one of Webster’s rings, however, that he got the title of a punk-rock jeweler and “the man who reinvented the cocktail ring.” After Webster had sold the silver obsidian piece from the Crystal Haze collection to her, she was featured full-page in the Daily Mirror wearing it on her index finger, alongside her then-boyfriend (the young, hot film director Guy Ritchie). The image was the first official confirmation that the couple were an item, and naturally, generated a lot of media attention. Years later, Webster designed their wedding rings.

Now, the 40-year-old brand is celebrating the legacy of the Crystal Haze effect with a reimagined collection, CH2, incorporating the same layering technique. The collection of bold cocktail rings, stackable bangles, pendant necklaces, and clip earrings, is set entirely in 18-karat gold, and mainly incorporates turquoise, white opalescent, and falcon’s eye. Webster, however, plans to introduce new stones and color palettes each season.

With the new collection, Webster aims to stay as close to his original concept as possible, while exploring the use of stones with less regular facets and sourcing everything himself.

CH2, which ranges from approximately $2,300 to $17,000, launches May 25.


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