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Meghan Markle's Favorite Shoe Brand Is Releasing a New Line of Scarves

The celebrity-favorite brand is launching its first foray into accessories.

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Designer shoe brand Sarah Flint became wildly popular after Meghan Markle was spotted donning several pairs of heels and flats from the brand. Plus, several A-listers like Lady Gaga and Blake Lively are fans of the footwear. But it's always been about the shoes...until now. The direct-to-consumer company just launched its first accessory: silk scarves.

"I've wanted to expand our product offering beyond shoes for some time now," Flint told Departures. "Starting with silk scarves felt like a versatile route into our customers' closets. I love that they can be worn in so many ways; as a shawl, tied on your handbag, wrapped in your hair. The possibilities are endless."

The Hidden Garden scarves were inspired by Flint's grandmother's collection of vintage scarves. She wanted to reimagine the old Hollywood staple within her modern design ethos of "style without sacrifice."

"My incredibly chic grandmother has always been my style icon and was the inspiration behind the Hidden Garden scarves," said Flint. "She was an artist living in Paris for most of my childhood and had an amazing collection of designer scarves, many of which I have inherited and wear regularly. She really taught me the importance of not buying a lot of things, but investing in a few really high-quality pieces that you love instead."

The scarves are handcrafted in Como, Italy, alongside some of the most well-known luxury brands on the market. They're made of 100% silk, come in two sizes, and have an elegant design. "The scarves feature a hand-painted print by artist Ashley Begley that complements the shoes in such a beautiful way," said Flint.

Want one for yourself? They're available starting at $145 at And while you're there, why not snag one of Duchess of Sussex's favorite flats—The Lily or The Natalie. Or, pick up a pair of the Perfect Pumps that have been worn by Margot Robbie and Karlie Kloss.


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