RIMOWA Launching Wanderlust Inspiring Series With Famous Photographers

Sophie Klock/Courtesy RIMOWA

The luxury luggage brand still seeks to inspire travelers.

RIMOWA has always been at the forefront of the travel industry by designing revolutionary suitcases. They were first to introduce aluminum bags in 1937, and have since created the first experiential suitcase and launched several unique partnerships. But since travel is essentially halted at the moment, the 120-year-old brand is trying to make a mark on future plans. And that's why they are launching a new series on their Instagram called #NewHorizons. 

"At RIMOWA, travel has always been about connecting," a RIMOWA representative told Departures. "During these times of restricted movement, as we stand in solidarity with everyone from the confines of our homes, our thoughts have turned to reflect on where we've been, dreaming of where we'll someday go, and who we'll share it with when we get there."

Photographers across the globe will share inspiring images that reflect on the destinations of past travels and those close to home. From the south of London to sun-drenched Spain and beyond, every week, they will unveil a selection of visually rich, intimate travel diaries that help transport all of us at home. Talent includes Yann Faucher, Austin Leis, Marie Dehe, Sophie Klock, Rory Gardiner, James Tolich, Richie Davis, and Vincent Thiabut. 

"When these images were shot, I didn't know this would be my last trip for a while," Klock told us. "Although we now have to stay where we are physically, I think that it is especially important in these times to not close off completely, but to keep the world an open place within our minds."

She added, "for now, there have to be different ways to do that other than traveling, we can still communicate over borders, we can learn and read and find some warmth through visual exchange and art. I have probably never before appreciated the freedom of movement more, that we usually take for granted, but feeling bitter won't bring us anywhere. I rather want to look forward to my next travel patiently, but with joy and curiosity."

The news was first teased on March 24 with a post featuring an image of their classic design in the shape of a chair. The caption read, "For now, we're still.⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣Waiting—it's an idea that barely feels in our nature. Travel has always been about connecting, but it's precisely for this purpose that, for now, we're still."

The series officially kicks off April 3 with Yann Fauche, and one photographer's journey per week will be unveiled.