Prada Taps Fashion, Architecture, and Psychology Leaders for Their New Digital Talk Series 

Robert Alexander/Getty Images

The luxury brand is keeping important conversations alive while we’re stuck at home.

The spread of COVID-19 has prevented much of the world from socializing, but one fashion house is hoping to bring people together in conversation. How? Well, Prada just announced they would be launching a series of digital talks on Instagram with cultural leaders.

Debuting April 14, Prada Possible Conversations will facilitate "dialogues between thinkers, cultural arbiters and fashion figures across the world," the brand said in a press release. Speakers will include experts and creatives in five important cultural realms like fashion, architecture, art, cinema, psychology, and philosophy. Together they will explore how society has been impacted by coronavirus and the future of these industries. It's also meant to provide an instant escape for those listening. 

The famous fashion label is hoping people take a pause from the 24-hour news cycle and hear dialogues consisting of different matters. The goal is to evaluate the impact of the moment in which we are living while learning to feel free and connected within it. "At this moment, in a current landscape being fundamentally re-shaped by limitation, it is essential not to allow that limitation to define discussion," said the company. "We need to be open, free, and connected."

Along with each talk, Prada announced that it would be donating to UNESCO, who is focusing on educating over 1.5 billion students affected by school and university closures about culture and creativity. And this is just the latest effort made by the designer brand to help during the pandemic. They also created masks and overalls for medical workers and donated six intensive care units to three Italian hospitals

The first Prada Possible Conversation will take place live on April 14 at 12 pm EST between Pamela Golbin, author, curator, and Artistic Director of Jacquard x Google Arts & Culture Residency, and Alexander Fury, fashion features director of AnOther Magazine and Men's Critic of the Financial Times. Discussing the topic 'Fashion in Times of Crises,' their dialogue will be broadcast via Prada's Instagram.