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Montblanc Releases New Collection of High Artistry Writing Instruments Inspired by the Great Wall of China

Just don’t call them pens—these gorgeous pieces are works of art that just happen to write incredibly well.

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Montblanc’s High Artistry collections are legendary for their elegance, beauty, use of rare métiers d’art, and for their ability to elevate the humble pen into an artistic masterpiece. It recently released a new collection, the Montblanc High Artistry, A Tribute to the Great Wall collection. It is comprised of five writing instruments, each inspired by a different cultural element. There are nods to calligraphy, Ming Dynasty-era artwork, dragons, ancient warriors’ armor, and traditional symbols of protection, including the lion. The craftsmanship is incredible, incorporating many métiers d’art, such as goldsmithing, gem setting, hand engraving, lacquer, and enamel. The level of detail is incredible—even the nibs are made of solid 18K gold and engraved with a 3D motif of the Great Wall.

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Each of the five writing instruments pays homage to calligraphy, one of China’s most enduring and beautiful artforms, in several ways. The shape is inspired by the curves of a calligraphy brush, and the nibs have a 45-degree curve, so they can write lines of different thicknesses at different angles. The cones of three of the models are shaped like calligraphy brushes, two in lacquered goat and synthetic hair, one in beautiful lacquer. Several of the caps are shaped like traditional ink pots, but rendered in white gold or mother-of-pearl. True calligraphy connoisseurs will fall for Limited Edition 5—its brush can even be replaced with a real calligraphy brush and used to write in the traditional art form.

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The most spectacular piece is Limited Edition 1 Imperial, which is made of solid gold and fully set with pavé sapphires, rubies, tourmalines, and diamonds. The precious gemstones bring to life a detailed dragon motif. The top of the cap is set with a 4.69-carat diamond, held in place by golden dragon claws. If that weren’t enough, the cone contains a hand-crafted, miniature music box. It honors the traditional royal musical instrument played at court and plays melodic chiming bells. This special piece is limited to just one unique piece and is priced at $1,978,500.

To Buy:

The Montblanc High Artistry A Tribute to the Great Wall Limited Edition 1 Imperial, limited to one piece, $1,978,500

The Montblanc High Artistry A Tribute to the Great Wall Limited Edition 5 Imperial, limited to five pieces, $558,000

Montblanc High Artistry A Tribute to The Great Wall Limited Edition 10, limited to 10 pieces, $203,000

Montblanc High Artistry A Tribute to the Great Wall Limited Edition 88, limited to 88 pieces, $50,500

Montblanc High Artistry A Tribute to The Great Wall Limited Edition Meisterstück Skeleton LE333, limited to 333 pieces, $27,400


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