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The Best Watch Winders for Your Automatic Timepieces

Whether you’re an avid watch collector or just starting out, here are the 9 best watch winders to show off your collection.


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While winding a watch may not seem like the most tedious of tasks, as a watch collection grows, the rotation and alternation of wearing and winding (and repeating) can become something of an exhausting dance. And after time, this repetitive resetting can even become harmful to the watch. Enter: watch winders—units with craftsmanship and technology that are arguably as impressive as the watches themselves.

There are three main functions of a watch winder: to store, to wind (therefore, maintaining the lubrication of the watch’s caliber), and to display. Some winders—like from Rapport and Wolf—are more traditional in appearance. They are inspired by styles like that of the boxes that sea captains used and the wooden dashboards of British motorcars. While others, like Bernard Favre and Kuntswinder, take more innovative approaches to design. These pieces have a more industrial feel and a strong focus on movement. But nonetheless, all of the winders are equally effective in their safekeeping and performance.

Because some of these winders are meant to be standalone pieces, while others are meant to be repurchased and stacked, it’s important to keep in mind the trajectory of your collection growth when investing in a winder. All of the pieces, of course, can be mixed-and-matched for a totally custom arrangement.

See for yourself which watch winder is the best fit for your collection. Here are the 9 best—and most interesting—watch winders on the market.


Smythson’s leather and nubuck watch box from the Grosvenor collection is a classic design, featuring two winders as well as a separate compartment for cufflinks and other trinkets.

To buy: $4,395;


Inspired by British motorcars (like Jaguars and Aston Martins), Wolf’s Roadster triple winder with storage (with five compartments) features ebony Macassar polished wood and chrome finished hardware. Wolf also creates high-security safe systems.

To buy: $1,595;


The Captain’s Duo watch winder by London-based Rapport is inspired by the boxes formerly used by sea captains. Made from polished mahogany, the box also has brass accents and a beige velvet lining.

To buy: $1,449;

Bernard Favre

While the focal point of most winders is the watch itself, Bernard Favre’s double-axis Planet winder offers something a little bit more to look at. Shown in gold and black leather, the winder is also available in 25 other combinations.

To buy: $2,160;


Part of Kuntswinder’s Industrial Collection, this Oil Baron winder mimics the movement of the horse head liquid pump used for pumping crude oil. Also available in nickel.

To buy: $6,500;


German brand Luwima prides itself in innovation, design, construction, and progress—and its Primus winder, with six inserts, is nothing short of just that. Shown in black matte, this model is also available in black gloss and silver.

To buy: $3,300;


Orbita’s hexagonal Carolo winder fits six watches, all separately programmable. The carbon fiber unit is stackable and rotatable, meant for a growing collection.

To buy: $3,995;

Little Halstock

Little Halstock, a leading British cabinet maker company, creates bespoke watch winders tailored to any number of watches or individual watches, with exceptional marquetry.

To buy: Price upon request;

Swiss Kubik

“The Power of Simplicity” is Swiss Kubik’s motto. And their modern, single Masterbox (in Honey Toledo leather with white stitching) is the perfect example of a simple design with high-tech power.

To buy: $905;


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