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Luxury and Chic Nail Designs to Give You Endless Inspiration

Say goodbye to boring nails.


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Nail art is such a beautiful way not only to express yourself but also to add a little color and whimsy to your look. A monochrome manicure will forever be a classic but if you’re ready to freshen things up a bit, we’ve got you covered.

The great thing about nail art is the variety of it—there is a design that matches every style preference. Whether you favor more detailed designs that require some serious artistic skills or you are a fan of a more toned-down aesthetic that looks chic and can be done even at home, Instagram is full of beautiful nail art to inspire your next manicure. Or maybe you’re just looking for a fun update of timeless French manicure? How about a side French Manicure design that looks so cool.

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From precious stones and designer logos to bursts of color and minimal designs, peruse some of the chicest nail art patterns to try right now.

My Precious

When it comes to nail jewelry, the sky is truly the limit. Nail artists re-experimenting with pretty much every precious stone and gem you can think of—diamonds, pearls, gold leaf, Swarovski crystals—and the results are absolutely out-of-this-world stunning. For her Super Bowl performance, for example, Jennifer Lopez even had tiny gold chains incorporated into her Versace-inspired nails. This nail art style is appropriate for special events such as a wedding where the dress code calls for formal attire.


Swarovski Crystals



Gold Leaf

Not-So-Classic French Manicure

The design of the classic French manicure that consists of a clear or neutral base and white tips is as timeless as the little black dress. So if you are a fan of the style but would like to try it in a different version, here are three beautiful and equally chic ways to don it.

Logo Mania

The logomania trend that hit the fashion world last year has found its way into the world of nail art and we’re here for it. Painting the logo of your favorite brand on your nails is also a not-so-obvious way to adopt the trend without walking around with your clothes covered in oversized designer logos. It’s also fairly easy to do it by yourself so you don’t need to see a manicurist for it.

This is a fun nail art design that we would definitely try on a weekend.

The Devil’s In the Details

Use your nails as blank canvases and let your imagination run free. Yes, elaborate designs are incredibly time-consuming and complicated to create, not to mention that they require an artist-level of creative skills, but the results are well worth it.

Glitter Done Right

Glitter has gotten a bad rap mainly because if you overdo it, it could look kitschy. And while some may say that New Year’s Eve is the only day of the year when you could pull it off, we beg to differ. If incorporated in a stylish way into your nail design, glitter can look extremely elegant and sophisticated. Add some sparkle to your next night out with one of these gorgeous glitter designs.

A Pop of (Subtle) Color

Sure, neon hues are fun but not everyone can (or want to) pull off electric green nails. But you can still add a pop of color to your nails, just do it in a more understated way. You could try a gradient monochrome design or give the trendy tie-dye pattern a go and combine two or, at most, three pastel hues.

Less Is More

Scandinavian minimalism isn’t just a style popular in the home décor industry. The simple and functional aesthetic also translates very well into nail art.

Of course, minimal doesn’t mean boring. Quite the opposite. Neutral colors, modern patterns, and splashes of color can be so beautiful.


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