Louis Vuitton Unveils a New Collaboration with Urs Fischer

Courtesy Louis Vuitton

With “Louis Vuitton x Urs Fischer” the French fashion house has added to their extensive list of artist collaborations with a psychedelic capsule collection of bags, clothes, and even a bicycle.

Hot on the heels of their celebrated—and sold out— ArtyCapucines, which combined their cult-classic handbag with works by contemporary artists like Tschabalala Self, Jonas Wood, and Urs Fischer, Louis Vuitton has just unveiled yet another major project with Fischer. This time around, it goes way beyond just one bag, with a multi-faceted collaboration that highlights what the brand calls Fischer’s “playfully audacious creative vision” across a wide range of leather goods, ready-to-wear, shoes, and accessories. The collaboration also includes eye-catching window displays (featuring original characters created by the artist, including “a cat asleep in a banana skin, an avocado meeting an egg, a cat holding a light bulb, and a bird carrying a peach”), in-store installations, and digital content—all launching in Vuitton stores worldwide in January 2021.

Courtesy Louis Vuitton

For the project, Fischer has reimagined the house’s iconic monogram in new hand-drawn slightly psychedelic-looking versions that he calls “memory sketches.” These he has splashed in black and red or black and white across the entire product range, from a bicycle, two sporty models of low- and high-top sneakers, and sporty ready-to-wear to seven special-edition bags, including a Keepall, Cabas, Onthego, two Neverfulls, Speedys, Pochettes Accessoires, and a hard-side beauty case.

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“Artworks don’t really exist in the real world, if that makes sense,” Fischer said in a statement for the launch of his ArtyCapucine in 2019. “They tend to be like complicated children who still live with their parents and don’t want to move out. They don’t go out as much as they should, to challenge themselves.” And if you want your artwork out and about, there’s no real estate quite like that under fashionable folks’ arms or wrapped around their necks.

Louis Vuitton x Urs Fischer is launching in Vuitton stores worldwide in January 2021