Celeb Skin Care Guru Joanna Czech on How to Winterize Your Skincare Routine

Antonio Guillem/Getty Images

The beauty icon weighs in on keeping skin happy during the cold months.

Joanna Czech is one of the rare facialists who has reached iconic status in the world of beauty. Just take a look through her instagram, which reveals that in just the past couple of weeks she has massaged, cleansed, and plumped the faces of supermodel Christy Turlington, Glossier founder Emily Weiss, and actress Rooney Mara. Of course, Charlize Theron, Cate Blanchett, and Kim Kardashian West are also loyal clients. The Dallas-based esthetician is in such high demand that her bookings are currently extended into late 2021.

It’s no wonder then, that Dior has just tapped Czech as its newest skin care ambassador. A longtime fan of the brand (especially the mascara), Czech is currently teaming up with the French fashion house’s environmental and scientific communications director, Edouard Mauvais-Jarvis, to work on special projects. “What is so exciting is the fact that we are so in sync with our philosophies,” explains Czech. “For me, I'm just speaking globally about everything that I believe in.” At the preview for Dior’s latest Capture Totale product range out in January (Czech’s personal favorite is the Capture Totale C.E.L.L. Energy Super Potent Serum), we sat down with Czech to find out how to winterize your beauty routine, her favorite in-flight skin treatments, spas, and more.

What kind of moisturizer should we be using in the wintertime?

Daytime moisturizer. That's something that's very important. And for winter you want to apply cream that’s usually an oil base as opposed to water. When you apply water-based product on the skin and it's freezing, there is a similar situation with what happens with a glass of water in a freezer. Ice expands and breaks. When you have water-based, very light moisturizer on your face during the wintertime and you spend a lot of time outdoors, like if you are a runner, skater, or skier, that water from the cream microscopically freezes in your pores. Nothing happens really to your pores because skin has its own elasticity as long as we are alive. But what it does when it expands, it squeezes your capillaries. You see a lot of permanent breakage of capillaries. You see a lot of redness, pink patches, dehydrated patches. 

Are there any skin care treatments we should avoid this time of year?

Avoid very drastic treatments, but that's equal for summer and winter. Whatever procedures you want to do, I would stick to spring and fall when the temperatures are the mildest, because then the healing process is much faster. Your skin is not fighting heat, trying to cool down the body temperature, your body is not also creating more energy to protect from the very cold temperatures. 

What are some other key products for winter?

If it's a sunny day, don't skip your SPF. It depends on the UV index. If it is below three, you don't need to worry ever. If it's three and above, use your SPF 20 or 30. Don't forget about your hands and lips. Very often there’s the common situation of being chapped. Otherwise, there are no specifics. It's more about protection during the day. At night, you adjust to whatever your skin needs. If your skin always feels dehydrated, you use the same thicker cream, you'll use a lot of more lubricating products. If your skin is always very comfortable, something water based on your basic routine is fine too. 

What kinds of ingredients should we be looking for in beauty products this time of year?

Everything that is lubricating. All the omegas, vitamin C and E and then don't ever forget about energizing cells. That's not a particular ingredient, it’s a particular formulation. So in winter, summer, or so on, energizing cells form from a very early time, around the age of 16 or 18 when premature aging process begins. When those cells start slowly losing energy and then when they reproduce and so on, they produce this lower energy. So, we keep producing weaker skin. That's why re-energizing cells are super important. 

You’re constantly traveling. What are your favorite in-flight skin care treatments?

I always try adding some oil to my creams. Also, I travel with my massager. Before applying serum, I love massaging my face. When the blood flow is stimulated, the hemoglobin carries more oxygen into the tissue, then automatic, we absorb everything easier. So that's important during the flight. I either do a thick layer of a creamy mask or I often use sheet masks. I fell asleep with a sheet mask on once, and it was very hard to unglue it. I have to say this only tells you that there is basically no humidity at all on a plane. That's how dehydrating it is. Another thing besides the product is drinking tons of water. It doesn't matter, how disgusting you think the bathrooms are on planes. Because when you land, you feel better, you are less headache-y. Automatically, when you physically feel better, you will look better.

What’s your approach to makeup when traveling?

I actually don't wear makeup unless I’m working. For travels there are different levels of comforts so I don't judge anything. There are people that don't ever leave home without their makeup. But if you are on a flight for eight to 15 hours, you need to at least try to put your skin in relaxation mode, if it's possible. When your skin is in relaxation mode, or you’re sleeping, your skin is 60% more likely to absorb everything during that relaxation mode. When your skin is clean, when you put proper products on, then you automatically will be rejuvenated or re-energized. When you land you will look much fresher.

What’s your favorite spa in the world?

It’s called La Reserve in the French Riviera and I had a beautiful massage there. I didn't get a facial treatment, but I love that place. It's like the place where I get to relax, because from my bedroom, I can see the Mediterranean sea. It's just so special. And then you go to a workout. So it's almost like a health spa, with the water biking and yoga on the roof kind of thing.

What’s your favorite winter destination?

I will tell you right away, I was very nervous about moving to Dallas. But I have to say where Dallas is situated and how centrally located it is, it's an hour and 10 minutes from Tulum. Mexico is easy. It's just so close and most likely the weather will always be great. But I also love The Bahamas, that's my very favorite. I am not there as often as I would like to be, but landing in The Bahamas would be my first choice.

This interview was edited for clarity and brevity.