Jacob & Co.'s Astronomia Sky Mars Watch Features a 288-Faceted Diamond Moon—And Rotating Planets

Courtesy Jacobs & Co.

It's a horological and engineering wonder.

Jacob & Co. is known for making some of the world's most impressive timepieces. But the luxury watchmakers are truly pushing boundaries lately with multiple one-of-a-kind pieces. Just weeks after releasing a watch that features pieces of Mt. Everest, the company is launching a new timepiece with an orbiting Mars and satellite. 

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The Astronomia Sky Sapphire Mars is the latest watch in the groundbreaking Astronomia Sky collection. Regarded as an engineering feat, the unique line was the first to feature a multiple-axis tourbillon in 2014 (up to that point, tourbillons were all flat). The vertical wonder is continuously in motion, keeps accurate time, and has a 60-hour power reserve. Not surprisingly, it quickly became a horological icon. 

Courtesy Jacobs & Co. 

Now, the Mars edition added a hand-painted Red Planet in place of the previous magnesium globe to honor the Perseverance Rover Mission. An orbiting satellite was also added to the celestial masterpiece. In the center, there's a lacquered hand-engraved titanium globe that fully rotates in 24 hours. A tinted half-domed sapphire crystal inside reveals both day and night, while the Oval Sky Indicator shows the constellations overhead at any given time.

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And while the vibrant Mars certainly stands out, so too does the Jacob-cut diamond moon that sits opposite the planet. The incredible piece started as a larger rough diamond. It was skillfully shaped into a moon with 288 individual facets, is perfectly round and symmetrical, and weighs exactly the same as the other three satellites. This process takes at least two weeks of meticulous work.

Courtesy Jacobs & Co. 

With so much work needed to make just one of these watches, Jacob & Co. only made 18 of the timepieces. But if the company's limited-edition watch from earlier this year that featured 3D renderings of the city's most famous sites is any indication of pricing—it cost $600,000—except to pay at least six figures.