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Only Five Rare Fluid-Filled Watches Will be Produced

Swiss company HYT created a timepiece that’s a blend of art and science.


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Watchmakers are continually trying to find ways to innovate. Porsche Design just created an automotive-themed piece while Montblanc’s Star Legacy Orbis showcases all 24 time zones. But Swiss company HYT just released its latest groundbreaking design: a watch with a fluid-filled case.

The H20 watch is a high-tech masterpiece that features a patented “fluidic module.” From a technological standpoint, the design takes the rotational movement of fluid and converts it into linear movement. Visually, the red liquid moves in a circular motion to take the eye on a “360-degree tour of time.” Overall, theoretically speaking, it’s a commentary on the passage of time.

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“HYT consistently portrays the fascinating interplay of time and space, demonstrating that this is never a two-dimensional snapshot viewed head-on for an isolated moment,” reads the website description.

Other standout features include a transparent case so that you can see the inner workings of the watch. That includes the case back as well as highlighting the company’s focus on transparency too. The visual and technological aspects are meant to show the unique relationship between time and space. And the bold red against the black accentuates all of these details even more.

This is the latest iteration of the fluid idea from the brand. They released a version a few years ago and hinted at the possibility of evolving the design further.

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“This celebratory timepiece has chosen vibrant red fluid to document elapsed time, leading into a future of clarity in the form of a colorless liquid,” said a spokesperson for the brand. “The dynamism of the red detail stands out against a black background. What’s next? As always, momentum: life in motion, HYT’s elixir.”

Not surprisingly, only five are being created, given the number of man-hours and skill necessary to complete just one. And since it’s a very limited run, one timepiece will cost $101,119.


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