Hermès’ New Watch Features a Dial Made from the New York Meteorite

Courtesy Hermès

This unique timepiece combines Hermès’s exclusive moonphase complication with the only meteorite that can ever be called “New York.”

Hermès is beloved for its perfect balance of whimsy and exceptional craftsmanship, which is on full display in the new Arceau L'heure de la Lune watch that features a dial made from the New York meteorite. The Arceau L'heure de la Lune, which debuted on October 13, 2020, depicts one of the most unique moonphase complications in existence, courtesy of a module created with legendary watchmaker Jean-François Mojon. Typically, moonphases feature only one hemisphere and are a small subdial in a calendar watch. In this module, Mojon and Hermès completely reinvented the idea of a moonphase with a unique design that exalts the New York meteorite.

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The two mother-of-pearl moons, at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock, are stationary and represent the Northern and Southern hemispheres, respectively. The northern moon is a realistic depiction of the lunar surface, while the southern moon features a Pegasus design inspired by artist Dimitri Rybaltchenko’s work “Pleine Lune,” or “Full Moon.” Two white-lacquered subdials float above the moons and rotate around the dial every 59 days, hiding and revealing the moons to accurately display the current phase in each hemisphere. One subdial shows hours and minutes and the other indicates the date, making it one of the most poetic calendar watches on the market

Courtesy Hermès

The dial is made from the New York meteorite, which was found by a fishing boat in the 1960s. In 2008, meteorite specialist Luc Labenne purchased it and officially named it the New York meteorite—once officially declared, meteorite names cannot be repeated, making this piece truly one of a kind. Labenne sold the meteorite to Hermès, who elected to debut the coveted meteorite in this limited-edition watch. The designers chose to use siderite, which comes from the center of an asteroid and has a metallic look. The textured, metallic meteorite dial beautifully contrasts with the mother-of-pearl moons and the smooth lacquered subdials. It is housed in a 43mm platinum Arceau case and finished with a black alligator strap. Only 16 pieces will be made with the New York meteorite, making this a rare opportunity for collectors.

To buy: $69,950, available for in-store purchase only at Hermès boutiques nationwide