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Harry Winston Releases New Kaleidoscopic High-Jewelry Collection

Harry Winston releases a new collection that takes a child’s toy and turns it into a high-jewelry masterpiece.

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Harry Winston became one of the most important jewelers of his day due to his love of color, incredible gemstones, and innovative jewelry designs, and his legacy lives on today. The House of Harry Winston has created countless pieces inspired by his unique approach to jewelry, but perhaps none are as charming as the Ultimate Kaleidoscope, which was created in the 1990s. This small gold kaleidoscope was filled with precious gemstones that formed different colorful motifs when held up to the light. Thirty years later, Harry Winston released the Kaleidoscope Collection, which honors the jewelry designer's love of color and his creativity by bringing the geometric patterns of a kaleidoscope to life. The collection is comprised of 32 high-jewelry pendants, five high-jewelry watches, and six Premier watches.

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Each of the 32 pendants is a unique work of art that features a dazzling array of colored gemstones and diamonds. The pendants come in small, medium, and large sizes, each set on a 30” gem-set chain. The chain is long enough that it can slip over the wearer’s head, so instead of a clasp, the back of the necklace is set with gemstones. Harry Winston’s expert jewelers used as little metal as possible when crafting these gorgeous pieces and set the gems at different angles and levels, allowing more light to hit the stones, creating a scintillating sparkle. The vibrantly colored gemstones explode in different symmetrical patterns that emanate from significant center stones.

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The timepiece collection includes six Premier watches and five high-jewelry watches that play on different elements of a kaleidoscope. The Premier collection features a multi-layered dial that evokes the depth and dimension of the Kaleidoscope necklaces. A gold dial base is covered in white mother-of-pearl that is topped with a colored mother-of-pearl appliqué cut in a geometric lace motif. In the four Premier Kaleidoscope Automatic watches, colored cabochons cut from nacre (thick pieces of mother-of-pearl) form intricate patterns on the dial, and in the two Premier Precious Kaleidoscope Automatic watches, gemstones including turquoise, malachite, emerald, and Paraíba tourmaline create the symmetrical designs. Five high-jewelry watches complete the collection, including a full diamond-set timepiece that evokes both the iconic Harry Winston Cluster motif and a geometric kaleidoscope through a multi-dimensional diamond arrangement made of 40 pear-shaped, 10 marquise-cut, and 105 round brilliant diamonds.

The Kaleidoscope Collection is priced on request and is available for appointments at the Harry Winston salon in New York City through October 23, 2020.


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