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This Travel Case Appeared in 200 Movies and Went to the Moon—Here's Where to Buy It

Everyone from the secret service to NASA and Hollywood has made Zero Halliburton a pop culture icon.


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Heritage brands permeate every aspect of culture. But travel company Zero Halliburton might eclipse them all. Its aluminum travel case has appeared in over 200 films and television shows and has been in astronauts' and presidents' hands.

Created to survive the American Midwest oil fields, Zero Halliburton was the first to introduce travelers to aluminum cases' strength and security back in 1938. It features a double rib design, which has been a brand trademark for several decades. It's subtle, but it makes an attaché case instantly identifiable.

And clearly, it's that same form and function that attracted Hollywood, scientists, and politicians. The aluminum attaché cases have been held by dozens of Academy Award winners appearing in movies and television shows, including James Bond's Quantum of Solace, Mission Impossible, and Inception.

Beyond the silver screen, the cases carried moon rocks back from the Apollo 11 Mission. Also, the Zero Halliburton case serves as the President's nuclear football to this day. They are basically status symbols among spies. Jason Matthews specifically mentioned a Zero Halliburton Attaché Case to set a scene in the third novel of his Red Sparrow Trilogy. Matthews was an officer in the CIA for 33 years. Although his books are fiction, it makes you wonder if his writing drew from the truth of his actual field experience.

"The iconography comes from Zero Halliburton's own DNA," Zero Halliburton's CEO, Tom Nelson, told Departures. "Because of its reputation for strength and security, the brand was a natural travel accessory for Hollywood movie moguls, corporate executives, and film stars. This made the brand a sought-after prop for the film and TV industry. An aluminum attaché case communicates refinement and intention, making it the ultimate vessel for hand-transporting and exchanging some of the world's most valuable treasures."

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The iconic double rib design was carried over to the new Pursuit AluminumTM Attache Cases, which itself is based on the award-winning Pursuit AluminumTM Travel Cases. It's reinforced with the same patented ZH Concave EdgingTM to better resist and mitigate damage and features a customized ergonomic cushion-cut handle.

"The cases are a breathtaking illustration of strength and elegance," said Nelson.

The new attachés retail between $365-$495 and are available for purchase at


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