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With temperatures dipping outside, you may think that the only logical fashion solution would be layers—and lots of them—but celebrities beg to defer.

In recent months, stars have actually been pulling off two-piece suits shirtless (or at least they make it seem that way). And we’re not just talking about female celebrities who have been sporting that look for a quite a while now (Ciara, for example, wore a Balenciaga suit at the America Music Awards last Sunday). Guys, too, have finally jumped on the shirtless bandwagon and there is no sign of slowing down.

Most recently Shawn Mendes bared his chest at the American Musical Awards. He stepped out in a Paul Smith suit with seemingly no shirt underneath (although in all fairness, there is a pinkish piece of fabric that was peeking out from underneath his jacket).

This month, model and actor Lucky Blue Smith attended an awards ceremony in Sydney clad in black trousers and a velvet jacket with sateen lapels and not much underneath (he even skipped socks).

And finally, Broadway actor Jeremy Pope is probably the biggest fan of the no-shirt look. We’ve spotted him at least twice since August in it and we’re definitely not mad at it. Both times he pulled it off by styling classic black pants with boldly printed blazers.

While we are tempted to search for the origins of this trend on the runways—it was definitely present during this season’s fashion weeks at a number of high-profile shows such as Mugler and Emporio Armani, the truth may lie somewhere else. In fact, it was Beyonce and Jay Z who last year appeared in their ‘Apesh*t’ video standing in front of the Mona Lisa wearing suits with no shirts underneath (Jay Z’s green suit was Dries Van Noten).

We guess the rest of us are finally catching up with the Carters. What can we say? It’s Jay and Bey’s world and we’re just living in it.

Ciara in Balenciaga

Raja Kumari in Zendaya for Tommy Hilfiger

Kourtney Kardashian

Jeremy Pope

Lucky Blue Smith

Shawn Mendes


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