Bulgari’s New One-of-a-Kind Jewel Bag Features More Than 350 Diamonds

Matteo Carassale/Courtesy Bulgari

The exquisite piece took thousands of hours to create and comes with a price tag of $179,000.

Bulgari continues to prove that when it comes to blending the fine crafts of high jewelry making and leatherworking, it is without equal. Case in point?

Matteo Carassale/Courtesy Bulgari 

The Italian house just released a stunning purse—the Serpenti Forever One of a Kind Paraiba—that showcases the brand’s unmatched savoir-faire and its commitment to sourcing only the most luxurious and exclusive materials available on the market.

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Bulgari’s jewelry creative director Lucia Silvestri took inspiration from “the unique energy and magnetic beauty” of the Paraiba tourmaline gemstone, a very rare precious stone that has captivated the jewelry world since its discovery in Brazil in the 1980s. Its electrifying blue color seems to reflect the infinite shades of the sky and the crystal-clear seas all at once.

Matteo Carassale/Courtesy Bulgari 

The unique purse, crafted in the finest crocodile leather in Pantone Paraiba hue, features the iconic snakehead closure set with two mesmerizing Paraiba drops weighing 5.35 carats in total as well as 356 more diamonds that transform the bag into a piece of high jewelry. The bag’s exterior is finished with the exclusive perlage treatment adding to the natural luminosity and brilliance of the highly prized material.

Matteo Carassale/Courtesy Bulgari 

It took the artisans at Bulgari a year—from concept to the finished product—and thousands of hours of research and meticulous execution to create the one-of-a-kind piece that is completed with a “1/1” tag certifying its unique status. The bag comes in a beautiful storage box crafted from wood and silk to preserve its exceptionality.

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Needless to say, if you are looking for a special gift this holiday season, the Serpenti Forever Paraiba should probably be at the top of your list.

The bag retails for $179,000 and can be purchased through your local Bulgari boutique.