The Versatile Tie Boxes to Best Organize Your Closet

Sunil Aralikatti/EyeEm/Getty Images

You wouldn’t think so, but elegant storage options for ties are surprisingly tricky to find. These eight multifunctional tie boxes, however, not only protect your pieces—they instantly elevate your closet design.

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In the age of athleisure, a suit-and-tie is considered, by some, to be an archaic, 60s-ad-man ensemble. Alas, we argue, the timelessness of a tailored suit paired with a pristine silk tie will always outlive a trend. 

Neckties, in particular, have a long history as a symbol of nobility, honor, and order. Originating in 17th-century Europe, knotted neckerchiefs were worn by Croatian mercenaries to signal their position and alliances. King Louis XIV of France, in fact, liked the look so much, he adopted it himself, calling it “La Cravate” (its name in French today) and making it an instant status symbol. The necktie as we know it now came to fruition in the 1920s. Since, it has undergone minor changes (such as the cut of the fabric and width) but at its core, remains the same.

So while ties bear no clear functional purpose, they mark professionalism, respect, and etiquette. Perhaps then, the biggest suit-dressing faux pas is sporting a deformed or faded tie. (If you’re not sure the best way to tie one, here’s how an expert recommends.) Thankfully, there’s a solution: proper storage. The best way to store a tie is to keep it rolled (to prevent wrinkling, creasing, and warping) and protected from dust (for obvious reasons). High-quality tie boxes, however, take some digging to find and might take a little imagination (see: Pottery Barn’s wall-mounted sunglasses holder or Ben Soleimani’s document box). Luckily, Departures has done the work for you with these 8 top-notch tie boxes that will not only preserve your neckwear, but give your closet a stylish upgrade.


Courtesy Clava

There’s one word to describe this suede-lined, leather box: handsome. It’s also available with personalized debossing.

To buy: $125;

Pigeon and Poodle

Courtesy Neiman Marcus

This faux-shagreen, brass-detailed display box from Pigeon and Poodle is as elegant as it is functional. The beveled glass top is the perfect way to showcase your tie collection.

To buy: $570;

Ben Soleimani

Courtesy Ben Soleimani

Known for his hand-woven rugs, Ben Soleimani has also created this handcrafted, leather document box which is also the perfect dimension for storing ties. It features contrast stitching and suede lining.

To buy: $140;


Courtesy Bey Berk

Sometimes, the simplest solution may be the best one. This open-face option from Bey-Berk fits 12 ties, and can be stored on countertops or within drawers.

Price upon request;

Pottery Barn

Courtesy Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn’s wall-mounted holder is meant for sunglasses, but is equally effective at storing and displaying ties. Plus, it can be paired with the rest of the line’s jewelry storage collection for a totally bespoke effect.

To buy: $49.50;


Courtesy Smythson

The Grosvenor Keepsake Box by Smythson leaves plenty of room for ties, plus a storage tray for cufflinks, tie clips, and whichever other baubles. Shown in Dove Grey, it’s also available in Chalk and Nile Blue.

To buy: $725;

Annie Selke

Courtesy Annie Selke

A more delicate option, this handmade, glass display box by Annie Selke keeps everything in plain view. Its metal frame is enhanced with intricate engraving, making it all the more charming.

To buy: $68; 


Courtesy Shopbop

The aptly-named Wave Box by OYOBox features a modern design with a divider down the middle to keep ties in place (even though it’s intended to hold sunglasses). It’s lined with a soft layer of velvet. 

To buy: $350;