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Chic Aromatherapy Jewelry Pieces That Will Also Help You Reduce Stress

Improve your mood and wellbeing while looking stylish with these aromatherapy bracelets and necklaces.


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One day while conducting an experiment in the laboratory of his cosmetics firm, French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé burned his hand by accident. His immediate reaction was to plunge it into a nearby container full of lavender essential oil. Later, he discovered that his hand had healed with almost no scarring. This is how, in 1910, Gattefossé’s fascination with essential oils started that eventually would win him the nickname “the father of aromatherapy.” Or at least modern aromatherapy—after all the healing powers of plants have been used by many ancient people since the dawn of time.

Nowadays, The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy states that “aromatic oils and water are used for their therapeutic properties to heal the mind, body and spirit, returning the body to a state of equilibrium.”

Lavender, for example—one of the most popular essential oils, and for a very good reason—is often recommended for its calming and stress-reducing properties (it’s also anti-bacterial) among many others. Vetiver, which is often added in fragrances, is known as a powerful soothing agent (perfect to use during meditation) while jasmine could alleviate feelings of depression and exhaustion.

And while many of us have experienced the benefits of aromatherapy at home, it gets a little trickier if you’d like to be able to inhale your favorite essential oil smell when you’re outdoors. This is where aromatherapy jewelry comes in hand.

The beautiful and thoughtful design of the aromatherapy bracelets and necklaces makes them a stylish addition to your accessories drawer but they also serve as a type of “essential oil therapy on-the-go.” While some of them feature pendants where you can insert an aromatic wick or fragrance beads, others are made from highly absorbent materials that are able to carry a scent for longer periods of time.

Whichever you prefer, we rounded up some of the chicest aromatherapy necklaces, bracelets, and pendants to add to your jewelry collection right now.

Diptyque Do Son Perfume-Infused Bracelet

Diptyque’s Do Son fragrance has notes of tuberose which benefits creativity and peace of mind, as well as orange oil which relaxes your mind, and jasmine that alleviates stress and anxiety. The adjustable bracelet is fitted with a detachable clasp for a secure fit. Once the scent evaporates (in about a week) simply pull a new one from the dispenser that contains about 30 of them.

To buy: $90,

Anjaca Wellness Diffuser Pendant

This gorgeous 30mm locket is set with crystallite gemstones and is crafted from medical grade stainless steel so even people with sensitive skin can wear it. You can choose between a beaded or a regular link chain to go with it. The pendant comes with six absorbent felt pads that you soak in your favorite essential oil and place in the locket.

To buy: $100,

Cor Aromatherapy Pendant Necklace

Cor’s necklace features a pendant with a super sleek and modern design that houses essential oil wicks. The pendant comes with a cap so when you’re feeling anxious and need to calm your mind, simply remove the cap and take a deep breath. The necklace comes with three aromatherapy wicks—“Calm” with lavender and chamomile essential oils, “Focus” with cardamom and grapefruit, and “Energy” with peppermint and rosemary.

To buy: $125,

Northskull Men’s Lava Stone Beaded Bracelet

It will take us a long time to list all the benefits of lava stone (which is essentially solidified molten lava) that symbolizes the earth’s energy but some of the most popular ones are its calming properties and the ability to help you achieve and keep your focus. To turn this bracelet into an aromatherapy piece of jewelry simply rub the beads against a washcloth where you have added drops of your essential oil of preference. Because lava stone is so porous, the oil and its fragrance will linger on it for longer.

To buy: $145,

Lisa Hoffman Tri-Point Cuff

This silver cuff and its Tri-Point charm are the chicest pieces of aromatherapy jewelry we’ve ever seen. The charm is actually designed as a locket which is where you would put the tiny fragrance beads that come with the cuff. We also love the versatility of the entire jewelry piece—you can wear the cuff with two or more charms or opt to hang your charm on a chain and wear it as a necklace.

To buy: $220,


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