Departures 100: The Best in New Technology, Gadgets, and Design for 2017

The most beautiful new accessories for your home; plus, the essential tech finds you didn’t know you needed.

Courtesy The Farmer's Dog
OF 22

For the Discerning Dog

We’ve reached the point where dog food is not only hand-chopped and human-grade, but delivered to your door. The Farmer’s Dog is a new line of food for your Paleo pooch. Creators Jonathan Regev and Brett Podolsky are not farmers. But they are ambitious, thirtysomething, dog-owning NYC entrepreneurs who understand that luxury axiom: If you make it exclusive, they will come. Dog owners are coming—and being wait-listed ($29 per week; And DEPARTURES dog-owning staff swear by Kibble Pet’s “salon quality” dog shampoo. Without drying parabens, the lather is better for dog’s skin. And for the four-legged with long tresses, the dry shampoo is a refresher between groomings (from $22;

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