What's in Store?

Two windows on New York, created especially for Departures and on view this season, illuminate the art of shopping.

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Tiffany & Co.

In the window through which Audrey Hepburn so memorably gazes in Breakfast at Tiffany's, Robert Rufino has dreamt up a holiday riff on arrivals and, well, of course, departures (note the license plate). Here, as if delivered by some especially benevolent Santa, the famous blue boxes overflow with platinum-and-diamond earrings (shouldn't every car have such taillights?), enameled Le Tallec boxes, cut-crystal paperweights, and sterling-silver candlesticks. And may we suggest that, much as we love a partridge in a pear tree, a Schlumberger parrot will do just fine. At 727 Fifth Avenue; from November 10 through November 21.

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Think of transatlantic crossings on Art Deco masterpieces like the Normandie and you begin to understand the inspiration behind Randall Yaw's Madison Avenue window. But as with everything Hermès, nothing is as it seems. "There's also something surreal," says Yaw. Perhaps even unworldly, maybe Kubrickian in the faceless mannequins (designed by Andrée Putman for Pucci in the eighties). As for the Departures banner blowing in the wind? "Who really knows?" answers Yaw. That, it would appear, is part of the mystery behind this voyage fantastique. At 691 Madison Avenue; from November 21 through January 1, 2004.