The Trend Report: Caviar Emptor

James T. Murray

The world of caviar has been all gloom and doom of late: Caspian sturgeon populations dwindle, black-market dealers continue to peddle their roe, and international organizations place strict sanctions. Enter Black River caviar, a sustainable osetra farmed in South America. Grown from eggs fertilized in Russia and other European countries, the fish are spawned and raised in spacious cages filled with water from Uruguay’s Río Negro; Russian research shows that the river’s temperature, gentle currents, and pollution-free waters make it one of the planet’s ideal spots for raising sturgeon. And the science holds up: Dispatched overnight, the always-fresh caviar has a clean, briny taste with a mildly nutty note and just the right pop. $85 for 25 grams; 888-315-0575;