The Perfume Bottle as Art

There’s been a resurgence in demand for the sort of beautiful vials that sat so exquisitely in our grandmother’s boudoirs. Sprinkled with diamonds, handblown, or dipped in 24-karat gold, perfume flasks are more elaborate than ever.

Patchouli by Jalaine

Hand-blended oils add color to the crystal. $150;


Only 900 of these frosted Lalique crystal-topped bottles were made. $900; 212-505-2765

Gold by Amouage

Engraved crystal with a 24-karat golf minaret cap. $370;

Flacon Les Fees by Lalique

This scent’s bottle is reimagined yearly. $1,100; 212-355-6550

Un Air De Molinard 1849

A silk tassel and bas-relief nude goddess adorn colored glass. $185;

Pour Femme by Bulgari

A carat of diamonds and 18-karat golf form the cap. $145; 800-285-4274

Truly by Stephen Burlingham

Green glass is handblown into a faceted shape. $175;

Bellodgia by Caron

Scent is sheathed in galuchat (stingray skin). $90;