The Perfect Gym for the Fashionably Fit

The latest exercise equipment combines high design with high definition.

What are the fitness-obsessed obsessing about? Dumbbells, cardio machines, and rubber balls that aspire to aesthetic standards. But fashionable gym equipment must do more than just enhance the decor. We’ve discovered some worthy investments that live up to their good looks.

• Designer Antonio Citterio created the Kinesis Personal for high-performance luxury fitness company Technogym. Kinesis is an attractive, elegant home-gym system of cables and pulleys that is built into the wall and takes up very little space. The pulleys provide a challenging way to sculpt your body by using natural movements. Nerio Alessandri, the company’s president, says, "The equipment’s aesthetic makes it less intimidating, enabling you to train more effectively." Price upon request;

• The simple Cardio Wave machine by Technogym was developed specifically to focus on leg muscles and buttocks. Using a multiplanar (sideways) motion, this equipment simulates rollerblading or cross-country skiing and can be used in a variety of positions for different areas of focus. $5,700-$7,300;

• The ROM Four-Minute CrossTrainer promises a total body workout in just four minutes. The notorious ROM claims to enable higher oxygen consumption levels than conventional exercise, which is why you can achieve better results in less time. ROM engages 44 percent of your muscles at once, compared with jogging, which only engages 3.75 percent. $14,615;

• For a complete strength-training work-out, Technogym’s Unica is a sleek, multifunctional weight machine—which can be custom-made with leather seats from Ferrari and BMW hydraulics—that works out all the principal muscles of the body in a short amount of time. The hydraulics make motion so smooth that the machine actually reduces the risk of injury. $4,000;

• Technogym’s Wellness Bag is a chic, compact traveling gym—artfully finished with Gucci buckles—that contains a range of elastics with detachable silver handles along with instructions for 14 hotel-room exercise routines. $250;

• At 10 Corso Como in Milan, you can find lush, modern dumbbells covered with a soft plastic material that gives them a velvety texture and makes lifting a much more elegant experience. $45; 39-02/2900-2674