Odds and Ends

From a surprisingly simple cocktail to a $5,000 loo, these six objets du jour shed light on the shape of things to come.

VANILLA CREME COCKTAIL Featured in Party Confidential, by überpublicists and party aficionados Lara Shriftman and Elizabeth Harrison, it’s two ounces of Grey Goose La Vanille and two ounces of ginger ale over ice. Why? As they told us: "It’s an unexpected twist on your standard vodka drink—and everyone loves it."

FERRAGAMO SWAN Leonardo Ferragamo’s limited-edition Club Swan 42 is inspiring new regattas tailored specifically to this racer cruiser. Only 36 will be made each year and first dibs go to the club’s members. nautorswan.com

LORENZINI EGYPTIAN COTTONS All items (boxers, PJs) come in the same classic patterns as the firm’s dress shirts; special orders are also available. From $185; barneys.com

MIAMI VICE SOUND TRACK This album is full of treasures, but the shiniest is deejay Felix da Housecat’s remix of Nina Simone’s "Sinnerman." Set against an addictive techno beat, it compels you to dance.

GRASS-CLOTH WALLPAPER "It adds depth to a room," says Stef-Albert Bothma (stefalbertstudios.com), just one of many interior designers who have become fans of the material. Now Donghia, Hinson, Design Tex, and Roger Arlington (our favorite, at sloanm.com) are all creating grass-cloth products.

TOTO TOILET The Japanese Toto Neorest 600 is a toilet/bidet with heated seats, an air purifier, and a streamlined water wand. Enjoy a test run in the Vera Wang suite at Oahu’s Halekulani hotel (halekulani.com), then invest in your own—after all, when it comes to the bathroom, there’s no place like home. From $5,200. At Gracious Home; 212-517-6300; gracioushome.com.