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No Running, Please

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Everything I Now Want After Attending the Masters

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The Write Stuff


The Write Stuff

A dip into the world of luxurious fountain pens.

The next time you’re on the treadmill to nowhere, think about ways to exercise at home that get you off your feet. First, hop on the Expresso S2u bike ($5,145; for a virtual gaming experience chasing after dragons in ancient Asia via a 17-inch LCD. Another option is to follow a "ghost" pacesetter, shifting gears and directions through a variety of terrains while listening to music on the Internet.

Once your muscles are warmed up from the ride, dip into the 19-foot-long AquaFit 19 Dual Temp pool by Dimension One ($40,000; This is no relaxing float. Powerful jets provide current and lift to keep you swimming in place. A Hydro Sport Gear package that includes tensor cords for bench presses and rowing lets you turn this oversize hot tub into an aquatic workout station—sans sweat.

The third event in your at-home triathlon takes place in the Panasonic Real Pro Ultra massage chair ($4,800; While this recliner looks much like any other, it is what’s inside that counts. No guts, no glory is the name of the game here. Pressure sensors scan your back for 20 seconds to contour a variety of massages to the curve of your spine. And with 200 square inches just for the back, this is a chair that can handle wide bodies. Hips, arms, calves, and feet get the treatment as well. Sorry, no cup holders.

When you’re ready to hit the shower, try the new Satinjet Maia rotating head ($400; by Methven, which features settings for both facial and body massages. Water flows through a vitamin C canister designed to eliminate chlorine, which is said to have a drying effect on the hair and skin. The New Zealand company also plans to introduce scented canisters to re-create an aromatherapy spa experience that’s equal to soaking in a bath.


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