Customize Me

The hottest trend of all is to have absolutely everything made to your preferences. Here, a few particularly cool customs.

LEICA The M System is famous for allowing maximum artistic input. Leica’s new à la Carte retains that functionality, but with over 4,000 design combinations—say, racing-green leather and your engraved signature—the camera itself is a work of art.

AMIR KHAMNEIPUR Khamneipur’s mix of materials, such as bronze, lacquer, and shagreen, sets his minimalist designs apart. He’ll travel anywhere to help clients design the perfect ottoman or to fill their entire home with one-of-a-kind pieces, including sconces and light fixtures. 212-253-8500

FREITAG An ingenious way to recycle: Craft a messenger bag using five truck tarpaulins that you can choose online.

THE STRONGHOLD This denim manufacturer—which catered to miners in the 1800s—has opened a new boutique in Venice, California, with in-house washers and dryers designed to give your chosen fit a made-to-order wash. 310-399-7200

NIKE ID Style your sneakers by choosing from more than 60 pairs and determining everything from the type of leather to the sole and lace color to, yes, even the look of that famous swoosh.

BURTON SERIES 13 With more than one million ways to customize your snowboard, the Series 13 program is the next best thing to sponsorship. Choose from 11 bases and design everything from the artwork and finish to the stance.

CAROL FERTIG Fertig’s detailed armorials aren’t just standard note cards with your name in fancy script. Tell her about your love of poodles or your obsession with fine dining and she will create a design that can be transferred onto stationery. 212-346-7890