Edible Luxuries: 15 Perfect Holiday Party Snacks

The most delicious, and exclusive, Christmas treats and holiday snack foods to lavish on your guests and hosts alike this season.

High Wire Distilling Co.; Kaviari; Epicerie Boulud; Mulholland Gin; Laura Sant; Jens Mortensen
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If you, like us, know the holidays are for overindulgence, we have good news: We’ve compiled the most delicious, enticing edibles for the hedonists in your life. Many are brand new (Yotam Ottolenghi’s must-have ingredients, a Daniel Boulud tourte de jambon) and some are really old (25-year-old balsamico!), but each and everyone is very special. Whether you’re shopping for a loved one with a sweet tooth, a friend with a hankering for savories, or for someone who’d rather press “reheat,” we’ve got you covered with 15 essential Christmas treats and party snacks to indulge in this season.