A Natural Man’s Winter Grooming Arsenal

There’s nothing harsher on the skin than winter. Protect yourself from the elements with these 11 all-natural products designed for men.

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Cold temperatures, desiccating radiator heat, sleet, and snow: Winter does a number on your skin. It’s not unmanly to admit that the summers’ barebones grooming regimen doesn’t cut it anymore. But that’s not a reason to run to the drugstore and stock up on products that are made with dubious (but “dermatologist recommended”) ingredients—especially when those can be even tougher on your skin than Mother Nature herself. For more than a decade now, cosmetic chemists have been putting their know-how into proving what our long-ago ancestors already knew: the natural world is full of ingredients that heal the wounds that the elements bestow. Here, 11 cold-weather must-haves for men.