On the Nose: Redefining Men’s Cologne

Eight perfumers are redefining what it means to smell like a man.

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Frederick Bouchardy

Bouchardy explored many career paths—working in journalism and politics—before finding his fragrance calling and establishing Joya Studio in 2006. Together with an in-house nose, Bouchardy designs private label and made-to-measure scents, in addition to offering tours for inquisitive minds who want to see the olfactory process in action at his Brooklyn atelier. “My approach could be considered extreme,” he says. “I am obsessed with ingredients and have been known to spend years working on a new launch. On the flip side, sometimes a finished fragrance is created on the spot, in real time, and released just based on instinct.” His newest perfume oil, Foxglove, is named after an odorless plant that populated the fields of New York in the 19th century. He gives it a new scent identity that’s redolent of salt meadow grass, oak, white cedar, and wild musk. Joya Foxglove Roll-On, $30; net-a-porter.com.