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Best Infrared Saunas to Up Your Wellness Routine

An infrared sauna can rejuvenate muscles wound tightly from the cold, mend wind-burned skin, and even help you shed some weight.


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Not only does an infrared sauna feel amazing when you’ve been schlepping through the cold for weeks on end, it also has an impressive number of health benefits. Infrared sauna therapy is meant to relieve joint pain and tension in your body and improve your circulation. It nourishes your skin, softening it after the wind has taken a toll on your cheeks and lips and left scales on your hands. For those with acne, it’s even supposed to help clear up blemishes. Finally, infrared saunas are said to help you burn fat, because you’re sweating out calories with each session.

The holistic sauna ritual is something you can keep coming back to. Much like you sign up for a facial or laser therapy series, you can do an infrared sauna treatment twice weekly all winter long. Whether you’re keen on burning 1,000 calories a week and easing the soreness in your back, or you’re just chilled to the bone and want a treatment to counteract the frigid temperature, an infrared sauna is a luxurious way to indulge this winter. Here are nine infrared sauna spas to try in the U.S. and abroad if you need a respite while traveling in Europe for the holidays.

Timm Spa, Washington D.C.

Timm Spa takes a natural and even medical approach to infrared sauna treatment, and their saunas are “able to penetrate the body to a depth of 1.5 to 2 inches.” Stress (and winter) take a toll on your body, and this sauna helps release the physical tension your body is holding on to.

Hot Box Sauna Studio, Los Angeles

The Los Angeles infrared sauna studio wants to help you sweat in style. Their infrared sauna process is healing, but it doesn’t sacrifice luxury. The LA winters might not be harsh, but after a rough week, sweating out your toxins at Hot Box Sauna Studio is remedial and therapeutic.

Sauna Deco, Amsterdam

The Sauna Deco has an infrared cabin, saunas, steam rooms, and plunge pools. Be warned: It’s clothing-optional and the deco is coed. But it’s a truly relaxing (and European) experience.

HigherDOSE, New York City

Step out of the unforgiving NYC chill and immerse yourself in the natural high the HigherDOSE infrared saunas offer. The saunas at HigherDOSE will help you replace your chapped-from-the-cold skin with glowing, soft complexion.

Aura Infrared Spa, Las Vegas

The infrared spa in Las Vegas aims to help with weight loss, detoxification, and even pain relief. They are all about sauna skin therapy at Aura Spa, working to reinvigorate your skin and reduce wrinkles.

SenSpa, San Francisco

Holistic, health-focused SenSpa allows you to come just for the infrared sauna or add it on to another spa treatment. In their words, using an Infrared Sauna to raise your internal temperature “produces a natural biological defense and healing action of the immune system to rid the body of destructive pathogens.”

KXU Gym, London

The luxury gym offers facilities beyond compare for their clients recovery, including a cryo-therapy chamber and an infrared sauna. They recommend it as part of your post-workout routine, as does Jennifer Aniston.

Spa Castle, Texas

Spa Castle is home to their very own Sauna Valley, where you can find the concentrated, healing infrared rays. They have multiple sauna rooms, each with a different appeal, including the charcoal tower sauna, the gold pyramid sauna (with actual gold), and of course, the far infrared room. You can also use a personal infrared chair in their “infrared zone.”

CryoSpa, Chicago

The CryoSpa is exploring new age treatments that burn calories and improve your skin, like infrared saunas, cryo-therapy, and cryo-facials. They aim to open your pores, rid your body of toxins, and improve your overall body health with infrared saunas.


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