Luxe Face Oils for Winter

Twelve all-natural, botanical-based elixirs to keep skin supple and hydrated through winter.

Courtesy De Mamiel
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In recent years, face oils have become de rigueur in beauty routines for those seeking a natural glow. In truth, the practice is anything but new: For eons, fragrant essentials oils culled from natural botanicals have been used as part of well-rounded health and beauty regimens. The ancient Greek philosopher and father of modern medicine Hippocrates called olive oil “the great healer” and used it as the base for dozens of treatments he created. And in the Hebrew Bible’s most famous makeover, the young woman who would become Queen Esther receives a six-month intensive treatment of oil of myrrh. Today, a fresh new crop of companies is returning to skincare’s roots, creating products that target specific concerns like elasticity, depigmentation, and, most importantly during these brutal winter months, rehydration. Because quality face oils are not water based—as opposed to most creams and lotions—they’re actually more effective in protecting the skin’s natural moisture. Plus, as Chase Polan, founder of all-natural skincare company Kypris Beauty, explains, essential oils come chock-full of important fatty acids (which help support the skin's barrier against chapping and water loss) and antioxidants (which help fight against sun damage and diminish oxidation). If you haven’t introduced face oils into your skincare regimen, now is a great time to start. Herewith, the best face oils for the season.