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Awards Season Beauty Secrets From a Celeb-Favorite Spa

Learn how to get that A-list glow.


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Awards season is in full swing, and celebs are in full red-carpet-ready mode. And while they are of course focused on having gorgeous gowns and manicured manes, Hollywood’s elite also has to ensure their skin is glowing. For many, that means heading to The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Los Angeles.

Steps away from L.A. LIVE, the location of this year’s Grammys, the 8,000-square-foot Old Hollywood-inspired spa plays a crucial role in helping some of Hollywood’s brightest stars shine. On award show days, the spa hosts more than 150 appointments while the hotel front office steams and presses more than 400 garments.

The hotel even offers an entire Red Carpet Collection, including the Red Carpet Ready Experience. The five-hour spa day features a Champagne and Shimmer body treatment to fight free radicals, coupled with a 24-karat gold shimmer dusting. Then, to restore the skin’s vitality, a skin radiance mask and age-defying crystal massage are used during the Red Carpet Radiance Facial. Next, the Hollywood Glamour mani-pedi ensures that each guest is dazzling from head to toe, featuring colors inspired by iconic red carpet components. The experience is topped off with a make-over and blowout.

But even if you can’t make it to the L.A. spa, there are other ways to get radiant skin. Here, the Ritz-Carlton Spa, Los Angeles Spa Director, Tyneese Thompson, reveals the top beauty secrets of the stars.

Departures: What are some of the most popular go-to facials and skin treatments the stars are choosing these days?

Tyneese Thompson: "The most popular facials are all about keeping your complexion radiant and photo-ready. During awards season, our spa guests look for treatments that provide immediate improvements to their skin like our Enzyme Renewing Facial and Red Carpet Radiance facial. Both facials help restore the skin’s natural vitality and brightness and won’t leave unwanted redness or sensitivity."

What about relaxation and massage treatments? Any trends in Hollywood with stars?

"We are seeing more and more spa guests looking for a balance between well-luxury and wellness. The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Los Angeles, offers a variety of treatments that meet this growing interesting—our Champagne and Shimmer body treatment, for example. One of my favorite treatments (as well as one of our most popular) includes a hydrating scrub, soothing massage, and a final dusting of 24-karat gold to enhance the skin’s natural glow."

What are some of the hottest products for skin and hair right now?

"Highly textured and stylized hairstyles are quite popular on the red carpet right now. To get the perfect updo, stars are using dry shampoos, like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, to get extra lift and control for that camera-ready look. If you know you’ll be in front of a lot of cameras, give your skin an extra boost with Bamboo Age Corrective Masque from Eminence Organic Skin Care. For a little extra something, find products that are infused with mother of pearl for a subtle glow!"

When hitting the red carpet for a big event, how far in advance do you need to plan for skin treatments, facials, and hair treatment?

"Set up a beauty routine before getting ready for any big event! Two weeks before the big day, schedule your color treatments, and start increasing your exfoliating to two-to-three times a week. If you need to get new products, I recommend anything with enzymes to promote natural exfoliation. When you’re a week out from the event, avoid any harsh chemical exfoliates and extractions. Instead, focus on hydrating and soothing your skin. I recommend our Red Carpet Radiance facial for that exact reason— we use multiple soothing and lifting masks that immediately hydrates the skin and boosts brightness. Two days before, spray tan (if you are going to)! The day before, get your nails professionally done. I would recommend a gel polish."

Lastly, do any other non-treatment factors come into play?

"Your diet and sleeping routine are equally as important before a major event. Be sure to get a full eight hours of sleep the night before, avoid salty snacks and alcohol, and drink a lot of water. Don’t forget to give yourself plenty of time to finish getting ready before heading out. Stress and tension can affect your skin and natural glow. Give yourself three hours to prep, do your hair and makeup, and finishing getting dressed. Just don’t forget to wear a robe or button-down, so you don’t mess up your hair!"


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