Time in a Bottle: A New Way to Reverse Aging

© Jens Mortensen

Don’t expect instant gratification from Sepai, a Barcelona-based high-tech skin-care line that is fast developing a cult following in Europe and Asia. 

Paola Gugliotta, the willowy 40-year-old cofounder and creative director, takes a refreshingly long-term approach to antiaging. Instead of focusing on the immediate but often temporary results touted by competitors, Gugliotta and her scientists use peptides and other cutting-edge active ingredients to optimize the skin’s cellular performance over time. “We approach everything from a chemist’s point of view, not a marketing one,” she says. “So we concentrate on the process of aging, not the symptoms.” Standout products include 
the Counter-Clockwise ($85) and Booster ($175) serums, as well as a bespoke skin-care offering called Tune It, which tailors moisturizers and serums to individual needs, like firming ($50), lifting ($50), and volumizing ($65). sepai.eu.