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Time in a Bottle: A New Way to Reverse Aging

Don’t expect instant gratification from Sepai, a Barcelona-based high-tech skin-care line that is fast developing a cult following in Europe and Asia.

An Epic Scent


An Epic Scent

Reflections on jasmine perfume and its enduring potency.

All the Feels


All the Feels

The divine scents and sensations of Aesop grooming products.

Innovation in the world of vegan meat products has yielded a new crop of elevated culinary offerings.

Food and Drink

The Future of Plant-Based Food

These three Bay Area companies are leading the way when it comes to innovation,...

Paola Gugliotta, the willowy 40-year-old cofounder and creative director, takes a refreshingly long-term approach to antiaging. Instead of focusing on the immediate but often temporary results touted by competitors, Gugliotta and her scientists use peptides and other cutting-edge active ingredients to optimize the skin’s cellular performance over time. “We approach everything from a chemist’s point of view, not a marketing one,” she says. “So we concentrate on the process of aging, not the symptoms.” Standout products include 
the Counter-Clockwise ($85) and Booster ($175) serums, as well as a bespoke skin-care offering called Tune It, which tailors moisturizers and serums to individual needs, like firming ($50), lifting ($50), and volumizing ($65).


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