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Indulge in a Lavish 210-Minute Red Carpet Treatment—Even if You're Not Hitting the Awards Circuit

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It's that time of year. No, we're not talking about winter or the holidays; it's officially awards season. We just watched as stars like Brad Pitt and Michelle Williams walked home with Golden Globes and there are plenty more celebrations like the Oscars to come. And while it's always fun to watch acceptance speeches and Hollywood's elite mingle, the best part has to be the red carpet.

There's over-the-top gowns, stunning jewels (Cynthia Erivo just donned $3 million worth), and fabulous hairdos. But do you ever wonder how the A-listers get that incredible picture-perfect skin? Well, it takes more than slapping on a quick sheet mask to get that "just nominated" glow. And one luxury hotel wants you to get pampered like the stars.

This red carpet season The Peninsula Beverly Hills, an American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts property, is offering a decadent 210-minute Red Carpet Ready Treatment to help celebrities, guests, and beauty aficionados get ready for their close up. The over-the-top spa treatment utilizes the best in product and technology to create the optimal canvas for both face and body.

What's included? Well, over the three-and-a-half hours you will experience a slimming treatment by Medical Beauty Research (MBR). The high-tech process supposedly helps break down excess fat deposits and increases "microcirculation," making skin more elastic, firm, and smooth. It's perfect for problem areas like the thighs, hips, upper arms, and backside. So, you can have legs like Jennifer Lopez.

The treatment continues with The Best & Ultimate Liquid Surgery Rejuvenation. During this non-invasive facial, you'll be exposed to light therapy and "revolutionary medical ingredients" that rejuvenates your face. The age-defying treatment "hydrates, regenerates the skin's cell functions and stimulates the production of extracellular matrix molecules," which helps define the contours of the skin. Cooling globes set to cryotherapy temperatures are also used to tone, define, and revitalize fatigued skin.

The treatment also utilizes the revolutionary MBR Fibro-Boost Complex, a patented anti-aging peptide that apparently "activates and controls cell functions." You'll walk out looking years younger in just a few hours.

What's the price tag to look like a starlet? It will cost you $2,000. Now, all you need is a gown.


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