Sandalwood and Bergamot: 15 New Twists on Spring Scents

This season’s newest perfumes reimagine deep, exotic notes as bright, fresh, spring-friendly fragrances that are far more interesting than the typical floral bouquet.

Courtesy Coolife
OF 16

Coolife: Le Premier Parfum

In 2014 artists Carole Beaupré and Pauline Rochas debuted The Seven Collection, a unisex fragrance line based on our seven chakras that is both harmonizing and provocative. Their first creation, Le Premier, is based on the sacral chakra (near the naval) and is a distinctive woodsy floral. Notes of ylang ylang, sandalwood, patchouli, and labdanum make this fragrance compelling. The line’s fourth fragrance, Le Quatrieme, debuts this month. $175 for 50ml at