Sandalwood and Bergamot: 15 New Twists on Spring Scents

This season’s newest perfumes reimagine deep, exotic notes as bright, fresh, spring-friendly fragrances that are far more interesting than the typical floral bouquet.

Courtesy Carven
OF 16

Florals have long been the epitome of springtime. New fragrances debuting for the season tend to follow suit, showcasing clean citrus scents and simplistic bouquets—bright, soft, and sweet. This season, however, smells a little different. To our delight, fragrance brands are extending winter’s fascination with exotic destinations and oriental notes (we love the sensuality of amber and patchouli from the Middle and Far East) into spring. Most notably, these scents are using bergamot and sandalwood to create rich, unexpected compositions from traditional florals like iris, jasmine, or rose. The result is a collection of 15 modern, mysterious, and truly inspired fragrances we can’t wait to wear this season. 

Pictured left: Carven's L’Absolu.