New Skincare Line: Royal Fern

Courtesy Royal Fern

In a visit to his practice in Munich, dermatologist Timm Golueke gives us the story behind his recently launched skincare line, Royal Fern.

You are the only dermatologist on Maximilianstrasse, sandwiched between Valentino and Jil Sander, with Loro Piana across the street. You must get a very high-end clientele? We get all the top hotels in the area calling us for their guests who want medical-grade facials and the like. Just yesterday, Rocco Forte’s Charles Hotel called about treating an American actor, whose name I cannot disclose, who was having an allergic reaction.

How did fern extract become your key ingredient? I read a study done by a doctor at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center on the impact of fern extract on melanoma patients. They found the extract protected the cell DNA from UV radiation. So I looked for other plants that could strengthen these effects and developed the Royal Fern Complex, containing seeds of the African voacanga tree, wild-rose blossom, sea buckthorn, and mineral oxides.

Is that why your cream doesn’t contain SPF? Correct, it doesn’t need it. The cream already provides natural protection against the sun’s UV rays.

Is it for a certain age? I am not a fan of recommending products based on age, unless you are 15 and have acne. It is more a question of skin type.

So are you developing a range for different types? I am coming out with both a lighter and a richer formula to complement the original. And this month I have introduced a cleanser.

Your products have a nice consistency and no lingering fragrance. I made sure the formula had a very light unisex scent. You apply the products, get a little aromatherapy, then it’s gone. I use them myself and I have to love them.

Royal Fern Skincare Line, from $190, available at and