Naturopathica’s Bespoke Facial Serves Mind and Body Tweaks for Better Skin

Courtesy of Naturopathica

An exclusive look at the health and beauty brand’s newest holistic treatment

Everything in life is connected. I know—you’ve heard it before, but bear with me. I’m not talking about vague philosophical assumptions, but rather the (scientifically proven) way our gut and mental health affect our skin. The three systems form something of a triangular network, transmitting signals to and from each point: An inflamed gut can cause inflamed skin and increase stress, boosting the production of the hormone cortisol, which results in, you guessed it, stomach and skin irritation.

Naturopathica—a green beauty brand founded by herbalist Barbara Close that offers products and spa treatments in its Manhattan and East Hampton stores, as well as partner spas across the country—has taken this research and combined it with over two decades of expertise to create an all-encompassing skincare program. Launching February 1, the holistic facial features six brand-new skincare products (available now) and includes subtle nutrition, lifestyle, and stress-management tweaks to improve not only skin condition but overall well-being.

Courtesy of Naturopathica

The facial, which I tested exclusively for DEPARTURES last fall, is based on skin personalities, a new classification that goes beyond skin types to discern how each complexion reacts to diet, environmental, and lifestyle factors. While on the surface my skin can be described as combination (dry patches on my cheeks; oil slicks on my T-zone), a deeper analysis with my esthetician, Naturopathica’s VP of Education Yushing Foo, revealed it to be adaptive. Of the four personalities—adaptive, hormone reactive, stress reactive, and mature—mine is fairly resilient and low-maintenance (although it doesn’t always feel like it).

The 60-minute, deeply luxurious facial begins with the brand’s new manuka honey cleansing balm—a gentle and nourishing formula with antimicrobial and probiotic properties—but the remainder of the treatment is tailored to each customer’s unique skin needs. And everyone receives products and education to prolong the results. I left Naturopathica’s Chelsea storefront with glowing skin, and my prescribed concentrate and skin tea and tincture in tow.