San Francisco’s Best All-Natural Beauty Salons

The city has long been the capital for a natural, mindful approach to lifestyle. Now it has the clean and green skincare boutiques, day spas, and salons to match. 

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Framed by the bay, mountains, and eucalyptus forests, the natural world is nothing short of elemental to the DNA of San Francisco. This love for the outdoors extends as much to the city’s local fashion sense as to its cuisine, its active lifestyle to its beauty scene. Long a proponent of an organic, homegrown approach to skincare and wellness, the Bay Area is now playing host to a new kind of natural beauty revolution that's putting luxury at the forefront.

“There’s something about being close to nature and the human essence that is super luxurious,” says skincare guru Kristina Holey who opened her brick-and-mortar studio in San Francisco’s Tendernob neighborhood two years ago. “The biggest difference between my clients here and New York is that in San Francisco, they want to slow down to understand why they are doing what they are doing to their skin. They aren’t as results-driven or concerned about anti-aging. It’s more about feeling good and taking the time to get their skin to a healthy place.”

Former fashion editor and founder of the concept boutique Hero Shop, Emily Holt, would agree. “It’s much less common here for women to get their hair blown out, makeup done, and go the full tilt,” she says. “Luxury right now is time. People here have more time to be thoughtful and seek out the best possible product for not only themselves, but also for the environment.”

With an increasing number of spas, shops, and salons supplementing their clean ingredients with a dose of opulence in the city, it’s never been a better time to get pampered. Here, a list of the best of San Francisco’s swanky, all-natural skincare boutiques and high-end salons and spas.

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